Video walls

It is reported that 63% of customers feel that digital signage attracts their attention. A great mode of showcasing your advertising via Digital Signage is through the use of video walls. Video walls are a multiple collection of screens that are placed together to either typically show one message or numerous messages together. A video wall is a great way to get creative with your Digital Signage advertising, through the use of moving and still images that will show promotions in high quality. Video walls can be used in the retail, hospitality, events and recreational industries.

Reasons why video walls with Digital Signage are a strategically correct marketing idea

It is an effective way to communicate: Whether your video wall is in a waiting or reception area, a public space or inside a store – an eye-catching video wall coupled with inviting Digital Signage advertising is sure to spark the interest of customers.

It is Interactive: With the help of PageMan Digital Signage Software, displays can also be transformed into interactive touch screens, which is ideal for areas like malls where patrons need direction and would like to navigate with their own control.

It is Flexible: These walls can display nearly any type of content of different resolutions and formats. With the use of PageMan Digital Signage Software, the content can be controlled locally and most types of content can be loaded and shown to the public in a few easy steps.

PageMan Digital Signage Software is ideal for powering your playlists on your video wall screens

Here’s why:

What you will need in order to set up and run Digital Signage displays at your Point of Sale areas:


An Android Media Player

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PageMan Digital Signage Software Solution

A Working Internet Connection

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