Transparent Coolers: The Future of Retail Signage

You go to grab a cooldrink from a cooler at your local supermarket and see moving a moving advertisement flash across the door of the cooler. Digital advertisements, such as digital coolers, are becoming the norm.

Digital signage technology is rapidly changing  in order to create innovative ways to catch and keep the attention of potential customers. One such new area of technological advancement is in the development of transparent LCD doors or digital coolers. Companies can use this technology to advertise various products directly on coolers with transparent LCD doors.

How do Digital Coolers work?

LCD, or liquid crystal display, screens make flat-panel displays for electronics using many, many small pixels to create an image. LCD is incredibly energy efficient and, in recent years, has become the dominant technology used for displays in laptops, TV screens, clocks, and even calculators. Converting standard LCD screens into transparent LCD screens requires an alternative light source that doesn’t block the display. For coolers with LCD display screen doors, the interactive graphics are actually illuminated by backlighting coming from inside of the cooler.

This allows for the company’s products to be brought to life with vivid multimedia advertisements which still allow for the products in the cooler to be displayed properly. Digital coolers take advantage of an untapped market which capitalises of the potential marketing opportunities provided by large coolers.

The aim of digital coolers is to increase sales and improves retailer’s communication, merchandising and engagement with its customers. In stores, digital coolers can be used to show prices, benefits, and promotions of products, without blocking the products inside the cooler.

Transparent screens have been around for a few years in convenience and liquor stores, but they are starting to extend beyond the standard replacements for fridge doors, such as in retail and museum displays.

According to a 2018 Technavio report, the transparent digital signage coolers market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 5 percent from 2018 to 2022. The future of digital signage is clear- quite literally transparent.

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