Digital Signage for Recreational Areas

Digital Signage can work well in areas where the public are sitting and waiting or simply walking past. These types of areas such as malls, airport lounges or waiting rooms of any type are ideal for advertising opportunities – showcasing brands, products or services that can be shown to the public and attract attention in a short amount of time without being monotonous.

Digital Signage in Recreational areas can be used to shows video snippets, movies, advertisements and other content on your screen that will entertain and relax your customers, whether they are sitting, standing, waiting or just passing by.

PageMan’s Digital Signage Software Solution suits the needs of any recreational area that is looking to advertise to the public. Some of our features that are ideally suited to these areas include:

Use of Digital Signage in Recreational areas:

  • General Announcements

  • Emergency Notices

  • Touch Screen Navigation

  • Video Walls

If you are would like to know more about what PageMan Digital Signage Software Solutions can do for your recreational areas such as mall spaces or waiting areas, you can contact us today. If you would like to explore the PageMan features further, you can sign up for a FREE 14 day trial.