Point Of Sale Display Products

PageMan’s point of sale display products are a great option to incorporate into your business in order to engage with customers and help improve your sales.  It can be used for upselling on current items being sold and adding additional items to one’s current basket. Our point of sale displays can promote specials and sales, as well as educate the customer about the brand that they are currently buying or looking to buy. The point of sale display area of a store or restaurants is a key opportunity to advertise products and services.

Reasons why Point of Sale Display areas are the best strategic option for your business:

It provides great visibility. As customers are waiting in line, there is no way that they can miss the messaging provided to them during this time!

It communicates your brand message. It is the last point of communication from brand to customer before buying the product or service. This can be used to promote websites and social media pages.

It provides vital store information. Point of sale displays can provide customers with opening times and special occasions (like events) that will be held in-store.

PageMan Software is ideal for powering your playlists on your screens next to your Point of Sale display areas.

Here’s why:

What you will need in order to set up and run point of sale displays in key areas of your store:


An Android Media Player

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PageMan Digital Signage Software Solution

A Working Internet Connection

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