The Uses and Benefits of Digital Signage in Education

In today’s heavily connected digital world it is only natural that digital tools started to be used in education. These days, students are even more tech-savvy than ever before and spaces of education need to keep up. Digital signage in the school environment is starting to become more common. The same digital signage technology that’s dynamically changing major industries, such as retail and hospitality, can also help schools stay ahead when it comes to communications technology.

Schools, universities and colleges have to embrace digital signage in order to become a modern environment in which learning, work and community engagement can happen. Digital signage can be used to spread important messages and alerts, such as security alerts, announcements or other relevant local information. These institutions have a responsibility to ensure that both staff and students are kept informed. Digital signs can also ensure that a unified message is broadcasted across campus in a quick and easy manner.

Digital signage can also change the way these spaces are perceived. For example, these screens can be used to impress visitors with images showing off the institution and all its achievements. School pride fuels school spirit, so showcasing achievements is crucial. Showcasing these achievements increases campus spirit, adds to campus culture and allows school pride to thrive.

Students are already digital natives and therefore getting information from screens is second nature to them. The messages on digital screens need to not only attract their already divided attention, but they need to actively engage students and add value to their education. Touch-screen devices can help campuses display FAQs or maps of the campus which allows students to directly interact with their messages.

Digital Signage as a Tool in Education

Digital signage is a powerful tool for communication because it can be used to inform and entertain, to keep people safe in an emergency or help positively affect behaviour, and teach more than just textbook smarts.

The most robust digital signage systems available today are those that include anytime/anywhere, cloud-based access to content. PageMan Digital Signage Software Solution uses Cloud software technology to upload and store content – making it easily accessible as well as easy to use. This means that there is no software or servers to set-up and install, as well as no training in order to get started. Basically, the customer is in control and this means that they can manage their Digital Signage Solution easily and remotely.

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