Digital Signage Features

PageMan’s cloud-based digital signage solutions has various exciting features available for the customer to explore and use, with new features being added weekly, depending on our customer’s needs and wants. We offer a vast set of features that are ideal for numerous industries and environments and these features are sure to enhance the ease-of-use of our clooud-based digital signage solution.

Our current features are made up of Technology-based features, Customisable features and Control Features:

Technology Features

Our Cloud-based Digital Signage Software Solution promotes various Tech-based product features

  • We used Cloud-based software to upload and store content – making it easily accessible as well as easy to use.
  • Real time video feeds enable Picture in Picture Capability, meaning that you can run TV & Digital Signage together for greater content variety.
  • Stable off-the-shelf technology means that media is delivered via standard-based Android media players to presentations that vary in size.
  • The PageMan Touch Functionality allows customers to physically interact with screens by changing and swiping through content themselves for a fully immersive experience.

Customisable Features

Our Cloud-based Digital Signage Software Solution promotes various Customisable product features:

  • Flexible Package options means that you can select a type of licence that suits your business’ needs.
  • Customise your Playlists according to the content you would like to show with our Tagging Capabilities.
  • Create Custom Widgets (anything from blog posts to website pages) and easily add your own widgets to enrich media delivery at certain times and location.
  • Plan, manage and customise media across regions and sub-regions and set permissions for local admins while central managers retain control with Layered Playlists.

Control Features

Our Cloud-based Digital Signage Software Solution promotes various Control product features:

  • Control your Bandwidth Management through local media sharing. This will allow you to use less bandwidth and only when needed.
  • Scheduling can easily be prepared in advance, no matter the amount of Playlists needed.
  • Powerful real-time control on location-specific promotions can be obtained using Tagged Playlists and the PageMan remote app.

If you would like to know more about our current and upcoming features, you can contact us today. When signing up for one of our package licences and registering as a PageMan Digital Signage Solution customer, we will provide you with extensive training and personalisation, depending on what you need from your Digital Signage Software Solution.