Cloud Based Digital Signage Solutions

How PageMan Works

PageMan is a cloud-based digital signage solution. Our software allows business owners to display their marketing message quickly and easily across one or multiple screens from a remote location. PageMan can be used for an array of messaging communications, including advertising and promotional, educational and information-related opportunities.

Cloud-based digital signage allows data to be easily stored and accessed from anywhere immediately and without complications , making it the ideal storage choice for those who are working with an abundance of content. PageMan is also ideal for displaying content on multiple screens and at different times and in various locations through using cloud based digital signage.

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When you add and upload your content (images, audio or video) to the PageMan Admin Console, this content is automatically uploaded to the Cloud where it will be stored.
Once uploaded to the Cloud, your content is then distributed to your devices in various locations according to your specified Schedules. A Schedule is a planned list that can be created inside the PageMan Admin Console.
Once your content has been added to a Playlist (A Playlist sits inside a specified Schedule), these Schedules can be controlled directly from the Admin Console and displayed in the locations of your choosing.

Our cloud-based digital signage offerings makes it easy for your business to create meaningful contact points with your customers and employees. Our advanced content management system gives you a seemless experience, whether you want to schedule, upload or manage your marketing communication messages.

PageMan allows you to control your content from our easy-to-use Admin Console. Once you have decided on your specific package licence, you can register (and select a licence according to your business needs) and then login to the PageMan Admin Console to manage your content through our cloud based system. Content management is done through the adding and uploading of media, the creation of Schedules and Playlists and the allocation of these Schedules to various devices and locations before content can be displayed.


This is what you need to get started with PageMan Digital Signage Software:

In addition to the purchasing of the PageMan cloud based digital signage, you will also need to purchase a media player and screens. In addition to this, you will also need to sign up for a Google account (if you don’t already have one) to successfully download the PageMan app from the Google Play Store. If you would like assistance with these requirements, you can contact us directly for further information.

Whether you are wanting to display new stock arrivals in your retail store, digital menu boards in your restaurant or display important announcements during your business conference – PageMan allows you to digitally deliver your message. Anywhere. Anytime.